Toyota Camry Air Filter – How to Replace Guide

Inside a couple of minutes maybe 15 or 20, you are able to alter the air conditioning filter on the Toyota Camry or any other similar Toyota vehicle. Vehicle filters clean the environment that flows towards the engine. A clean filter can improve your fuel useage and vehicle performance. Vehicle producers recommend altering hvac filters every 15,000 miles or 12 several weeks. Inspect and alter the Toyota Camry air conditioning filter every eight to ten several weeks or 10,000 miles when the vehicle is driven in very dusty conditions.


1. Switch off the Toyota Camry engine first, then alter the filter. Don’t start the vehicle when the old air cleanser element continues to be removed, it functions like a barrier just just in case the vehicle backfires for whatever reason.

2. Second locate the environment box that houses the air conditioning filter or on some models filters (some models include 2 filters and both need changing). Look right in front driver’s side from the vehicle, nearest towards the car windows, near the middle of the engine compartment.

3. Search for the metal as well as plastic clips that contain the plastic lid in position underneath the hood. These will often be located on the top or side from the plastic air box.

4. Take away the plastic lid from the air box. Then search for any grime, leaves or debris stuck in mid-air tube resulting in the engine. Also take away the air conditioning filter to create room for that brand new one.

5. Last step would be to replace that old filter with a brand new OEM alternative filter that’s designed for the particular brand name year of the Toyota Camry. Lookup specific part amounts as well as brands for the year Toyota Camry on the internet and save a couple of dollars when you purchase an aura and oil filter simultaneously.


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